Mandreel: Run C++ on WP7 and the Web

Mandreel is a middleware product allows the conversion of iPhone/Windows/Wii/etc videogames to Windows Phone 7 and Web (no plugins needed) without rewriting the original sourcecode.

Mandreel contains a new and exclusive technology developed by Onan Games to make C, C++ and Objective-C work on platforms don't allow those languages natively.

It is recommendable in situations where you want to reuse your existing C, C++ and Objective-C code base on C# and JavaScript based platforms like Windows Phone 7, Xbox Live Indie Games and Web Browsers (without plugins) minimizing costs and development time because you don’t have to rewrite the code base for these platforms.

Onan Games, the developers of this product, are attending the Game Connection America 2011 where you can meet them.

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