PixelLight 0.9.4-R1 and new videos released

The new version 0.9.4-R1 of the open-source, cross-platform 3D application framework PixelLight has been released.

This is primarily a maintenance release with focus on improving the general performance, realizing minor refactoring steps towards PixelLight version 1.0, performing the usual bugfixing as well as integrating user feedback.

Please have a look at the release notes for more information about the new features, changes and bugfixes.

Download current PixelLight SDK version (Version 0.9.4-R1):
PixelLight SDK (Windows)
PixelLight SDK (Linux)

Download the current PixelLight source code version 0.9.4-R1:
PixelLight 0.9.4-R1 source codes, .tar.gz file
PixelLight 0.9.4-R1 external public dependencies for Windows, .tar.gz file
PixelLight 0.9.4-R1 external public dependencies for Linux, .tar.gz file

We also added new videos to the PixelLight's YouTube channel, some even in HD quality. All videos, except the long dungeon demo one, were replaced by new versions with better quality.


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