iAuxSoft adds webOS HP/Palm platform support for Native development

We say welcome to webOS HP/Palm platform and include it to standard distribution package for Linux! It is now possible to develop portable application in C++ targeting four mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and webOS when using iAuxSoft technology.

Besides webOS support introduction there are hot fixes made for engines since 1510 revision. The release notes are placed on iAuxSoft Wiki.

iAuxNET: Monitor GUI Tool is now available for MacOSX and Linux 32/64-bit as well.

About iAuxSoft:

iAuxSoft is developing an advanced middleware technology which is dedicated to Audio, Input, Network and Database software programming areas. The technology is modular and represented by four independent programming libraries. The core and interface are in C/C++ in order to provide the best possible performance and lowest memory consumption.
Web-site: iAuxSoft.com


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