Nintendo Talking About a 'Revolution' for Gamers

Reuters has reported that Nintendo revealed its new next-generation home console codenamed "Revolution", pledging to offer video game fans an entirely different gaming experience from current machines.

The new console will be dubutted at next year's E3, the game industry's annual trade show usually held in May. Nintendo said, however, it would be wrong to call Revolution a successor to its current GameCube console.

"This won't be a continuation, but rather something entirely different," Yoshiro Mori, Nintendo's Senior Managing Director said. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President, said that the new game machine will change how people now play video games, sitting in front of TV holding a controller.

The Kyoto-based game maker said it plans to boost research and development (R&D) costs 27 percent from a year ago to 20 billion yen ($180 million) in the business year ending March 31, in part to fund development costs for Revolution.

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