Next cumulative release of iAuxSoft engines

This release includes many additions, improvements and bug fixes for all four iAuxSoft engines. Besides that, the support for webOS Palm/HP is coming that will enable iAuxSoft middleware for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and webOS Palm/HP.

iAuxSQL: database engine
- Switched to v.1.9
- Improved stability
- Improved cooperation with iAuxNET classes if both APIs used in application
- Removed deprecated functions from the interface

iAuxINP: input engine
- Switched to v.2.2
- Fixed dead locks when using force-feedback dedicated API
- Internal core optimizations

iAuxNET: networking engine
- Switched to v.1.7
- Introduction of GUI tool - iAuxNET: monitor GUI tool
- Asynchronous logging
- Remote/local console
- Packet processor for for file transferring
- Internal core optimizations

iAuxNET: monitor GUI tool
It is supplimentary GUI tool which helps in monitoring of applications which use iAuxNET: networking engine.
Major features:
- Visual bandwidth monitoring
- Online status monitoring
- Statistics collection
- Remote logging
- Server management by remote console
- Available for Windows, Linux, MacOSX platforms

iAuxSFX: audio engine
- Switched to v.2.8
- Improvements and fixes to 3D sound calculations
- Eliminated some memory leaks
- Introduced panning feature for Mono and Stereo sound
- Introduced new effects: Phaser, Distortion, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Compressor
- Master-mixer dedicated driver for iOS and Android platforms
- Extended API of iAuxSFX: mini C++, an easy to use C++ wrapper (open-source)

The detailed release notes are accessible through iAuxSoft Wiki for registered users.

About iAuxSoft:

iAuxSoft is developing an advanced middleware technology which is dedicated to Audio, Input, Network and Database software programming areas. The technology is modular and represented by four independent programming libraries. The core and interface are in C++ in order to provide the best possible performance and lowest memory consumption.


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