jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Alpha3 released - Networking and terrain now in core

Cross-platform Java game engine jMonkeyEngine 3 has officially tagged a third ALPHA release ready for download. Highlights include the major additions of terrain and networking components, as well several new plugins and overall improvements to the jMonkeyPlatform.

This leaves only one last release in the alpha-phase until BETA begins and the API is frozen.

New Features

jMonkeyEngine 3 Core
- Terrain system
- Networking System
- Blur filter
- Glow map textures
- Bullet physics now an AppState (easily create/switch multiple physics spaces)
- More/Updated tests
- Local updates (no more rootNode.updateGeometricState())
- Fixes (AssetLinkNode, Collision etc..)

- Welcome Screen
- Model Import Wizard
- Asset Packs
- Codeless projects (manage other IDE projects assets in jMP)
- NeoTextureEditor & NeoTexture plugin (via Contribution Update Center)
- Desktop and Applet Deployment
- NiftyGUI XML Previews
- Terrain Support (Editor WIP)
- Binary Ogre files support
- Improved Help System (Docs are stored local, search works now)
- Add jMonkeyEngine3 wiki content to Help System
- Bugfixes (e.g. edit-resistant example projects etc.)

After some months in hibernation the OpenGL ES 2 renderer for Android is once again picking up momentum. An official announcement about the renewed jME-Android endeavor will be published soon, provided development remains stable.


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.