Korean Game Developers Adopt Autodesk Kynapse Middleware

Korean game developers MAIET Entertainment and WeMade Entertainment have both licensed Autodesk Kynapse artificial intelligence (AI) middleware for their respective upcoming titles, “GunZ2: The Second Duel” and a new MMORPG, currently codenamed “LF.” The studios licensed the technology to help reduce both development time and overall project cost, enabling them to invest in areas that add value to their games.

“We needed a middleware solution for the Unreal Engine that provided efficient data generation processing for path finding, solid AI for nonplayer characters and light run-time search costs,” said Joseph Ryu, managing director at WeMade Entertainment. “Autodesk Kynapse AI middleware was the obvious choice.”

Developers at MAIET Entertainment also adopted Kynapse middleware to help improve efficiency in their engineering efforts. “In the past, there have been many cases when we had to rewrite the AI code for new game titles,” explained Youngho Kim, vice president at MAIET Entertainment. “By eliminating that redundancy, Kynapse middleware will help reduce development time. The middleware offers the performance and flexibility we were looking for.”

In addition to MAIET and WeMade, Autodesk has seen a notable increase in the acceptance and adoption of middleware among game developers in the Asian market.

“Developers around the world are facing increased competition, timeline pressures and narrow margins,” said Marc Stevens, Autodesk vice president, Games. “Our middleware technology helps reduce development time and costs by offering solutions to common run-time challenges and minimizing redundant development efforts. It also enables studios to deliver more compelling games by allowing them to focus on what makes the game fun and unique.”

About Autodesk Kynapse Game Middleware
Autodesk Kynapse game middleware is a leading AI solution for game development and the creation of real-time simulations for nonplayer characters. Production proven in more than 100 titles, this high-performance game AI technology helps simulate advanced dynamic 3D pathfinding, environment perception and large-crowd movement in complex terrains. It also helps simulate spatial reasoning and improve team coordination, and delivers efficient production tools that help streamline game creation.


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