GLBasic V8 is now available

Dream Design Entertainment is proud to announce the release of version 8 of GLBasic, its popular BASIC game programming language.

Following feedback and suggestions from its users, GLBasic has been vastly updated to include many new features, including:

  • A new license concept has been introduced : A completely free version for compiling 2D non-commercial Windows, Mac and Linux applications and a commercial version to allow compiling for all supported platforms and to use 3D, Networking and external libraries
  • The ability to compile for the OpenPandora platform, in addition to the many other platforms it currently supports.
  • Windows CE compatibility has been extended to support almost any CE device now.
  • Types can now include functions, allowing routines to be more modular and easier to debug
  • Binary graphics data can be directly accessed
  • A wide selection of language enhancements and additions.

Dream Design Entertainment produces the critically acclaimed GLBasic programming language and can supply professional software development services. For more details, see


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