Darwin Dimensions Announces Back-to-School Discount for University Students and Faculty on EvolverPro.com

Darwin Dimensions, maker of Evolver™, the world's first web-based application that enables users to design and customize high-quality 3D characters, has announced that EvolverPro.com will be extending a special back-to-school discount to students and faculty for use in academic projects during the upcoming school year. Students and Faculty can simply visit www.evolverpro.com/student, verify their enrollment or employment in an accredited university or college and receive a 50-percent discount for character purchases made for that web session.

EvolverPro.com accommodates the needs of students and professors seeking a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for the design of customized, rigged 3D models that can be easily integrated into academic coursework. Without the downloads or plugins required of other traditional modeling, texturing and rigging applications, EvolverPro’s custom character generation tool eliminates the long hours and high costs typically involved in building comparable models from scratch. The tool’s interface is intuitive and offers an easy learning curve for beginners. In just a few minutes users can build 3D models from uploaded photos or pre-designed characters from the Evolver library and tweak facial and body characteristics using Evolver’s slider bars and selection functions. Students and faculty can give their characters additional style and flare by choosing from a host of skin tones, make-up options, eye colors, clothing styles and even tattoos. Clothing can even be customized to suit highly individualized projects.

In just minutes characters can be designed and delivered in a wide range of formats. Users can choose multiple LOD's, formats in .fbx, .mb or .dae and can also include specular and normal maps for no extra charge. Character designs, which are 100-percent royalty free, can even be repurposed and sold in popular 3D marketplaces. Pretuned versions of the characters can also be delivered through partners such as 3DVIA™ by Dassault Systèmes, Animeeple™, Mixamo™, Wonderland™, Torque™ by Instant Action, FaceFX™, WildPockets™, Blender™, Realxtend™ and Ogre™.

“EvolverPro offers students and faculty an affordable and time-efficient 3D character creation solution that can easily be adopted into academic curricula,” said Brian Nilles, CEO, Darwin Dimensions. “EvolverPro models have already been tapped for a wide-range of classroom projects, including character population in student-designed video games, personal digital avatars in web content and more.”

“The 50-percent discount for students and faculty makes EvolverPro even more accessible, and we are proud to be helping talented youth who will help define the media of the future,” continued Brian. “We look forward to seeing new and innovative uses of the models in coming academic projects and course offerings.”

Priced at US$39, each 3D character design is delivered animation ready and complete with custom skin weights. For facial animation controls with 24 bones or 77 blendshapes the cost of the model is $69. The 50-percent discount applies to character purchases only and does not apply to virtual goods purchases such as custom clothing, custom avatar designs and others.

About Darwin Dimensions
Darwin Dimensions Inc., develops solutions that bring together complex 3D modeling, consumer ease of use, and fully interoperable avatars. The company’s flagship offering, Evolver.com, provides a central portal to design, manage and transport high quality 3D avatars that can be deployed in virtual worlds, online and mobile games, social networks and professional animation and pre-visualization projects. A highly customizable licensed version of Evolver is also available as a private label product for online and mobile content creators who would like to make Evolver their own. Darwin's popular Social Media property, www.avatara.com, delivers a fun way for online and mobile consumers to create their online persona, and send animations to over 26 different social media sites. This is also available as a Private Label product. For more information visit www.evolver.com or contact (949) 330-6345.

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