Next major release of iAuxSoft’s audio/networking/sql db C++ programming engines.

iAuxSoft has just announced a next major release of the advanced programming engines dedicated to audio, networking and sql db interaction. This release introduces new interesting features along with bug-fixing.

iAuxSFX: audio engine
There are many improvements made to the core of the engine. There is improved support for 3D sound rendering, audio cone calculations for emitters and listener, automatic low-pass filtering of attenuating 3D sounds and an introduction of initial implementation of complete turn-key voice-chat client-server feature. From now on iAuxSFX incorporates one-more middleware inside and can act as a voice-chat server and client. Developer is no longer bound to separate middleware solutions when choosing voice-chat powered by iAuxSFX, networking and audio cooperate inside the core in synergy providing unified management interface to user-space.

iAuxNET: networking engine
It is improved much! The functionality of all sub-systems of iAuxNET has undergone an evolution. Much improved is UDP transport protocol handling, introduced mini-processors of packets, provided ready-made MMO examples for the server's topology including Logon, Realm, World servers. You can now jump into MMO server's design and test it right away! iAuxNET is capable of handling thousands of connections and before actual design of your software you can train your model at a little cost of time. One more important improvement is an avoidance of referencing STL classes directly by iAuxNET's interface and for this goal was provided additional basic string implementation.

iAuxSQL: sql db interface engine
Besides common improvements inside the internal core there was added basic string class which removed direct dependence on STL usage by the interface. This solves the issue when application linking different STL will simply crash when iAuxSQL's function is called which is referencing STL class. The problem now is in the past.

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