Koonsolo RPG Editor Adds Auto Layering Tilemap Editing

A new technique called 'Tilemap Auto Layering', will make it faster and easier to create tilemaps for 2D games.

As many game developers know, old school 2D games often use tilemaps to display the game environment. These tilemaps are created in editors which make use of different layers. Designers need to place each tile onto different layers so some tiles are shown in front of others. The Koonsolo RPG Editor (http://www.koonsolo.com/rpgeditor) improves on this process by using a smart technique called "Tilemap Auto Layering". Designers don't need to worry about layers anymore, and now they can just place the tiles straight onto the tilemap. The program then calculates which correct layer to place them on. This new technique makes tilemap creation faster and easier. If you want to see this tilemap auto layering in action, watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEWZtGm89xM.

About the Koonsolo RPG Editor

The Koonsolo RPG Editor is an application for Windows/Mac and Linux, that makes it easy to create Flash Role-Playing-Games. It allows you to focus on designing your game, and hides the technical and artistic details. You use the editor to create maps, characters etc. After this you press play and your Flash game is generated, ready to be put online.

More information can be found at http://www.koonsolo.com/rpgeditor

About Koonsolo

Koonsolo was founded in 2006 to create cool indie games. They soon realised that a lot of people want to make games, and all face similar problems. Mundane tasks such as creating a GUI system, resource management, game engine architecture etc can eat up a lot of time. Most game developers just want to focus on creating their dream game. Koonsolo now provides proper tools to design your own games, without needing to spend too much time on technical or artistic details.

More info on http://www.koonsolo.com


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