Spinor Breaks New Ground for 3D in Web

German game development firm Spinor announced today its new Shark 3D Web Player. “The Shark 3D Player once for all solves the problem of bringing high quality 3D graphics into the browser without needing an installer or plugin”, said Folker Schamel, CEO of Spinor.

In the past, the plugin barrier impeded the broad employment of 3d browser games. The new Shark 3D Web Player solves the problem, by running high quality 3d in the browser with just one click. On the vast majority of computers, the user can directly run a game based on the Shark 3D Web player without having to run a plugin or client installer.

The Shark 3D Web Player supports on-demand loading of assets and advanced asset streaming in the background. This makes it possible to play 3d web games of unlimited size without loading times.

Spinor also announced Shark 3D for the iPhone/iPad platforms. This completes the multiplatform strategy of Spinor, to provide solutions for PC, consoles and mobile platforms.

For more information about Shark 3D, visit: http://www.shark3d.com.

About Spinor

Based in Munich, Germany, Spinor develops Shark 3D, a leading engine for video and PC games. Worldwide, so far more than 25 games using Shark 3D have been successfully shipped. One of those games is the award-winning Dreamfall from developer Funcom, which was ranked as the world’s best game of the year by Gamespy.


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