GroundWiz RTS Procedural Planter Released

Gugila has announced the release of GroundWiz RTS (version 2.0).

GroundWiz RTS is a set of procedural shaders for rendering nature in real-time applications. GroundWiz RTS is optimized for parallel computing using multiple CPUs and GPU shaders to achieve real-time performance.

GroundWiz RTS now supports procedural nature planting via GroundWiz RTS Planter. It brings highly advanced procedural planting (instancing) to real-time environments.

GroundWiz RTS Planter is all about procedural planting: as the scene is explored, plants are procedurally created (planted) over the terrain and discarded when not needed anymore. This way the detail can be enormous - billions of instances of different sizes: from big objects (ex. trees) down to the smallest detail (ex. pebbles) can all be handled by the same Planter routines.

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