Leadwerks Engine 2.4 and pureLIGHT

Leadwerks Engine 2.4 is now available, featuring integration with pureLIGHT lightmapping. Leadwerks deferred dynamic lighting combines with pureLIGHT global illumination lightmaps to deliver the most advanced real-time lighting in the world.

"I'm pleased to be working with pureLIGHT Technologies", said Josh Klint, CEO of Leadwerks. "Their precomputed GI complements our dynamic lighting, and the combination is really incredible. This partnership provides our customers with an additional tool that integrates seamlessly into our pipeline, in a way no other real-time renderer has ever done."

Leadwerks Engine 2.4 also supports dynamic colored shadows for stained glass effects. Particles can cast translucent shadows that combine with solid shadows, and volumetric clouds can now cast real shadows on the ground.


About Leadwerks Software
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Leadwerks Software has delivered affordable tools for making cutting-age games since 2006. Leadwerks Engine combines ease of use with advanced features to make AAA game development easy and fun.


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