iAuxSoft introduces new licensing model for start-ups

To be accessible by teams with low budget and provide ability to save on initial investment iAuxSoft has just introduced a new licensing model: Binary Royalty-Based.

This type of license requires only symbolic fee at the moment of commercial release of the game title and imposes a small royalty rate from the revenue of its commercial activity. If released game title starts generating enough revenue for the developer there is always a possibility to remove royalty-base from the license at any time.

Please visit Licensing section for more details: Licensing

About iAuxSoft:
iAuxSoft develops an advanced modular middleware solution which covers Audio, Input Device, Networking and SQL Database programming areas. It consists of an individual frameworks that come with precompiled libraries for various compilers and platforms, API documentation, examples and iAuxDEV developer's GUI toolkit.

All framework APIs are united by a common namespace, inherit conveniently unified design and support C++ programming language.


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