NeuroSky MindSet Game Contest

NeuroSky is challenging developers in a contest to create their own games and applications for use with NeuroSky's MindSet, which is a Brain Computer Interface headset. In a nutshell, the headset reads your brainwaves, interprets your mental state (currently “attention” and “meditation” states) and makes them available as digital input for computers, software and devices. NeuroSky recently launched Developer Tools 2.1, which now includes new eye blink detection. To celebrate the launch, NeuroSky is challenging developers to compete in a contest for the best application to make use of this new eye blink detection.

To give you an idea of how NeuroSky’s MindSet is used, there are currently over a dozen games and educational applications, including NeuroBoy – where you interact with a virtual world using your mind, and the “Visualizer” - where you can watch how your mind changes with music. As for the contest, an example of the application using the new eye blink detection from Developer Tools 2.1 could be as simple as showing an explosion when the eye blinks. The possibilities are endless with Developer Tools 2.1, and NeuroSky wants to see how creative you can get!

Grounded in over 60 years of medical research, NeuroSky’s technology has taken proven medical EEG (electroencephalograph) technology and evolved it for application to the mass market in toys and video games. Their technology is now being used in Mattel’s extremely successful MindFlex and Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Force Trainer, which won awards and sold out during the 2009 Christmas season. NeuroSky technology is also being incorporated into products as various as automotive, healthcare, education industries, and more. It's obvious that, with such universal innovation, NeuroSky's games and other applications are sure to have an impact in a variety of arenas in the coming years.

For contest details, rules and information on prizes (including publishing contracts!), please go to:

Contest ends July 17, 2010.


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