iAuxSoft Announces New Release of iAuxSFX Audio Engine

iAuxSoft announces a new release of iAuxSFX audio engine - v.2.6. The release introduces new features such as sound banks, sound multi-instancing, Lua scripting, effect chains & filters for input audio data. It also includes experimental support for the Android platform.

Sound Banks
With this release iAuxSFX supports sound banks (ISoundBank) and their easy creation through ISoundBankCreator interface. Sound banks support any audio format which is implemented by iAuxSFX. Their creation is very simple and does not require special GUI tool.

Sound Multi-Instancing
This special functionality allows to play single sound multiple times simultaneously. It is extremely useful for games with short audio effects (jumps, steps, shooting, ...) which can be triggered by player at any rate. Sound Multi-Instancing allows easy creation of multiple instances of a sound but all management and complexity is hidden from the eyes of programmer.

Lua Scripting as Sound Shader
From now on iAuxSFX supports Lua scripting of sound events and parameters. It is possible to attach Lua script to sound bank which would manage sound bank entries behavior after it was loaded in a fully autonomous manner. Lua scripting allows to randomize sound parameters on any sound event (init, play, stop, rewind).

Effects & Filters for Input Audio Stream
iAuxSFX allows to set complex DSP network which can be executed on input (capture) audio stream. Modified (wet) audio data can be saved into a file or streamed further into an audio engine for simultaneous output (playback) or for other needs.

Experimental Android
iAuxSFX was successfully ported to Android platform. Android binaries are included with SDK targeted to a Linux platform. The release is experimental and will not be audible out-of-a-box under Android emulator due to OS limitations; currently iAuxSFX relies on OSS and Alsa back-ends if those are supported by Android.

About iAuxSoft:
iAuxSoft is a developer of an advanced modular middleware solution which covers Audio, Input Device, Networking and SQL Database programming areas. It consists of an individual frameworks that come with precompiled libraries for various compilers and platforms, API documentation, examples and iAuxDEV developer's GUI toolkit.

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