City Warfare Game Wins International Startup Competition

The worldwide startup competition, Location Wild, was just won by 19 year old Thomas Fletcher of Bath University, who received $2,500 and an iPad.

Location Wild was a week-long competition to develop the most interesting location-based app as judged by Direction Magazine's Adena Schutzberg, The Next Web's Chad Catacchio, Slashdot's Rob Malda, and TechCrunch's Erick Schonfeld.

The winning app was City Warfare, which is a text-based game played in real-world locations against other players, where the aim is to cause mayhem using virtual waterbombs and waterpistols; it works on the back of Foursquare, a location-based social network.

Fletcher commented: "The timing was good because I had just finished the last of my exams, and I thought, 'Why not spend a week giving this a go?'"

Location Wild was organised and sponsored by NakdReality, a newly launched location search and augmented reality service provider based in London, UK.

Paula Abrahamson, CEO of NakdReality, said "NakdReality sponsored this competition to help stimulate innovation among location apps, and we're very happy to see a young British student win the competition."

"What's cool about this winning app" she continued, "is that it takes Foursquare's application on a tangent by involving other social networkers in a game of virtual water-warfare."

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