Avatara.com Offers New Pro Soccer Animation and Clothing Options for 3D Avatars

Aliso Viejo, CA (June 17, 2010) -- Darwin Dimensions, creator of Evolver, the world’s first web based tool for building custom 3D character models, and Avatara™, a 3D avatar generator designed specifically for social media enthusiasts, has upgraded its content library to include pro soccer apparel and realistic soccer animations for 3D characters created on the site.

Timed with the World Cup, Avatara’s added clothing options and character animations allow users to create animated avatars modeled after pro soccer players in the championship. New fashions include customized uniforms representative of popular teams from Brazil, Italy, Norway and the USA, and more are expected to follow from the consumer content creators at Evolver.com. After designing and styling avatars in the latest soccer apparel, users can assign realistic, pro soccer moves to their avatars including side kicks, far kicks, goalie saves and more. With the click of a button each tailored, animated pro soccer avatar can be shared with friends on over twenty-five different social networking sites.

Avatara.com, rooted in the technology of Evolver, which delivers a cost-and-time efficient solution for building custom character models to pro animators, brings animated 3D models to the consumer. Avatara’s easy-to-use interface enables social media enthusiasts to build unique, animated, high-quality avatars, which can be shared with the creator’s friends and colleagues quickly, easily and for free.

“Avatara's user community is worldwide but has amazing concentrations in some of the most enthusiastic World Cup Soccer focused countries," said Brian Nilles, CEO of Darwin Dimensions. “To be very honest, we felt an obligation to deliver Avatara's unique abilities to this fanatical group so they can suit up their Avatars in their favorite uniforms to perform advanced soccer moves and share with friends on Facebook and dozens of other social networking sites.”

About Darwin Dimensions
Darwin Dimensions Inc., develops solutions that bring together complex 3D modeling, consumer ease of use, and fully interoperable avatars. The company’s flagship offering, Evolver.com, provides a central portal to design, manage and transport digital avatars that can be deployed in virtual worlds, online and mobile games, social networks and professional animation and pre-visualization projects. A highly customizable licensed version of Evolver is also available as white label product for online and mobile content creators who would like to make Evolver their own. For more information visit http://evolver.com or contact (949) 330-6345.


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