3D Rad Switches To NVidia PhysX

The June 2010 release of 3D Rad includes the first beta of 3D Rad version 7, which uses NVidia PhysX to process physics simulation, instead of ODE.

Among the advantages of using PhysX over ODE is the ability to process physics simulation in hardware, thus dramatically raising the number of objects in your 3D Rad projects.

This first beta release allows you to experiment with car-simulation provided by PhysX, supporting advanced tire and suspension simulation, solving common issues like front wheels loosing grip too easily, vehicle tendency to flip over on bends and bending wheels at high speed.

This update also brings new features for the current version 6 of 3D Rad, like the ability to generate one visual imposter for each vertex in a 3d mesh, without scripting.

3D Rad is a freeware, user-friendly 3d editor with a straightforward developing workflow and ready-to-use physics simulation. You can use it to create any sort of stand-alone, interactive 3d project for Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Ideal for CG artists and non-coders, but flexible enough to meet the needs of expert developers as well.


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