iAuxSFX audio engine: new version is out

iAuxSoft is a middleware developer of advanced C++ software framework for Sound, Input, Network and SQL Database announced a release of a new version of iAuxSFX audio engine which introduces support for a VST3 Effects, non real-time rendering and an extended plug-in support. Moreover, iAuxSFX SDK examples include minimalist audio engine wrapper that allows to load and play sound within a single line of code!

VST3 Effects
From now on iAuxSFX becomes one of the VST3 hosts with capability of 64-bit high-quality real-time or offline rendering! VST3 effects are supported fully through iAuxSFX effect interface (IEffect) and act as if home-brew iAuxSFX internal effects. Due to the fact that VST3 effects support multi output/input channel configuration and are standing-alone effect plug-ins they participate in iAuxSFX's DSP Network in a full synergy with our advanced audio rendering core.

Offline Audio Rendering
To benefit from the usage of some complex DSP effect chain an offline (non real-time) processing is introduced. Output is done into any supported file format, including compressed, like OGG/FLAC. Offline processing also affects VST3 effects which receive notification and act accordingly.

Plug-in Support
Plug-in support is improved very much. Plug-ins can now provide custom interface implementations which are referenced by IAuxIID. Application can use such dynamically available interfaces through interface enumeration mechanism.

SDK Audio Engine
iAuxSFX' API is complex and some may think that it is too difficult or bulky for use in simple applications. To make life easier we provided minimalist audio engine which is a wrapper over iAuxSFX's complex API. This engine comes in a form of C++ source code and is intended to be a starting point for those developers who decide to integrate iAuxSFX. It provides basic create sound and play in 1 line of code functionality, but also demonstrates the use of sub-mixers for building a DSP Network and allows to use filters and effects. Minimalist audio engine is done in C++ flavor with interesting concept of changing object's properties using a single line of code.

// Minimalist iAuxSFX audio engine wrapper simplifies final code
mini::Sound sound = mini::g_System.Top().CreateSound3D("truck.wav").Loop(true)

Release notes

Product description: http://www.iauxsoft.com/iauxsfx


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