First Alpha1 release of the jMonkeyEngine 3.0 SDK

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jMonkeyEngine v3.0 was designed with next-gen hardware support in mind. There are many strictly technical innovations, like a completely flexible material design workflow, simple & robust art pipeline, advanced shaders and of course OpenGL 2 and 3. Maybe more importantly though, jME3 embraces some innovative concepts not seen in most other 3D engines. These features make the game in 'game engine'.

Key Features

Fully integrated

jME tries very hard to deliver a complete game development environment, without bloating the core. Extended by tight integrations with popular general-purpose libraries, jMonkeyEngine delivers every essential game development feature straight ouf ot the box. (Examples include jBullet physics, NiftyGUI and the OgreXML format).

User friendly

A new project called jMonkeyPlatform adds some much needed usability to jME. The goal is a full-fledged game production editor. Taking advantage of the NetBeans Platform's powerful plugin architecture and repository, the jMP can be extended to great lengths with plug-ins, all of which are effortlessly updated with the click of a button.

We intend to uphold and add to these key principles with some significant projects in the works.

Upcoming features

Complete Android support, brand new terrain engine, cinematic editor plug-in and many more core enhancements yet to come before we reach the Beta stage. Plus an impending website surprise we're very excited about!

Hope you enjoyed the read; please give the SDK Alpha1 a try!

~ jMonkey Team


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