Myelin Media Brings Developer-Focused Publisher Model to Video Game Industry

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Myelin Media, a privately funded interactive entertainment company, today announced its plans to provide independent developers with an alternative to the traditional publisher model. Focused on bringing unique content to market by fostering developer creativity, Myelin will provide developers with the financial, marketing and logistics support required to ensure commercial success.

Myelin is focusing attention and resources on the independent developer community, where most of the industry's successful franchises have historically been found. Rather than add more cooks to the "creative kitchen", Myelin looks to build upon the foundation of titles with a strong identity and concentrate its efforts through dedicated marketing, PR, and other third-party expertise designed to maximize awareness in the market.

"The gap between independent developers and publishers continues to widen. Myelin is positioned to capitalize on this and leverage content that is often overlooked for any number of reasons by established publishers," said Gene Mauro, chief executive officer of Myelin Media. "Given the 'hits-driven' nature of the business, it is very difficult for these publishers to take risks on new properties or ideas and maintain a true creative partnership with developers. We believe our business model is hitting the right need at the right time and will appeal to those developers that have grown frustrated with the current system and its reliance on sequels and licenses."

It is from this environment that Myelin's first product has emerged. Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile™, is an evolutionary PC game being developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment, a Boston-based developer whose combined pedigree includes highly successful and award-winning titles, such as Pharaoh® and Caesar®, a series. The game is scheduled for release this fall.

For more information about Myelin Media or Children of the Nile, please stop by booth #846 in the South Hall during the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, May 12-14, at the LA Convention Center.

About Myelin Media

Myelin Media, LLC. is a privately funded entertainment software publisher headquartered in New York City. Started in March 2004, Myelin aims to bring unique game content to consumers by empowering developer creativity.

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