GroundWiz RTS (Real-Time Shaders) Released

Gugila has announced the release of GroundWiz RTS (Real-Time Shaders).

GroundWiz RTS is a set of procedural shaders for rendering nature in real-time applications. GroundWiz RTS is optimized for parallel computing using multiple CPUs and GPU shaders to achieve real-time performance.

As the speed of graphics card has grown exponentially in the last decade, it is now possible to render complex terrain grounds in real-time. GroundWiz RTS fully supports the latest generation of graphics cards via DirectX and OpenGL interfaces.

Currently the main shader is GroundWiz RTS Terrain Map used for rendering procedural 3D terrain materials in real-time. GroundWiz RTS Terrain Map uses fractal algorithms to generate terrain materials and mimic real-life terrain.

Licensing and evaluation versions for DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 are available now. DirectX 11 version is in the making.

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