Graphic Remedy launches gDEBugger CL

March 10, 2010 - San Francisco, Game Developer Conference 2010 - Graphic Remedy, a leading provider of advanced solutions for 3D graphics developers, today launched gDEBugger CL. gDEBugger CL allows OpenCL™-based application developers to deliver complex parallel computing applications and significantly improve application performance. gDEBugger CL offers advanced debugging, profiling and memory analysis capabilities that reduce development time, accelerate time to market, help deploy the application on multiple platforms and boost application parallel computing performance. For more information about gDEBugger CL, visit:

Graphic Remedy's solutions are designed to assist developers in creating more sophisticated parallel computing and 3D graphics applications over various platforms and devices. The gDEBugger product line is the leading real-time OpenGL®, OpenGL ES® and now OpenCL™ debugger, profiler and graphic memory analyzer. gDEBugger solutions are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iPhone.

gDEBugger CL traces the application's activity on top of the OpenCL™ API and enables programmers to see what is happening within the system implementation, to identify bugs and to optimize the application's parallel computing performance. This new solution will allow developers to maximize the utilization of the available system resources and enable them to deliver better applications over heterogeneous parallel computing platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs and other processors.

Meet us at GDC 2010!
We will be at NVIDIA's Developers Tool Pod, Booth #1702, South Hall.
Come see gDEBugger CL in action and chat with our development team.

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About Graphic Remedy Ltd.
Graphic Remedy is a leading provider of advanced development tools for the 3D graphics industry. The company's innovative products make professional OpenGL®, OpenGL ES® and now OpenCL™ programming faster and easier, saving programmers' time and money. Graphic Remedy's solutions are successfully deployed by leading, world-renowned companies in various fields.

Graphic Remedy is an active contributor in the OpenGL ARB and a member of the Khronos Group. The company is working closely with many hardware and software partners to deliver the best solution for the 3D graphics and parallel computing developers' community.

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For additional information, contact:
Mark Schwartz
Graphic Remedy
Tel: +972-3-5448880 (GMT +2)

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