pmG Releases messiahStudio4.5 Animation And Rendering Software, With FBX Export

With messiahStudio4.5, pmG is pleased to bring a Mac OS X version, new AutoRig version 3 system, new Hair Guide abilities with dynamics and collision, Point Animation mask mode and FBX export. "messiahStudio has always been able to do a real-time connection of its animation between other CG software, through our innovative open source connection plugins; now we add exporting of bone rigs, weights, point caches and whole scene elements, through the popular FBX format," says Co-Founder and President Fori Owurowa. "This should open messiahStudio up to an even larger market of game developers, already being known for our interactive animation speed, rigging, and smart bones technology," adds Fori.

pmG now has users in over 60 countries around the world, and its current messiahStudio software is becoming one of the fastest growing CG softwares in the industry. “We’ve always been the little engine that could; chugging our way up the hill with wares in tow," says Fori. Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, pmG launches a new streamlined website ( with a new gallery of user images, videos from projects past and present, and an updated community forum.

messiahStudio4.5 is available in two versions: Basic ($399) and Professional ($999). pmG has extended its price special of $599 for the Professional version, to allow new customers of 4.5 and the Mac version to take advantage of it; as well as its $100 off introduction special for AutoDesk Product, Modo, and Lightwave users. pmG is making version 4.5 a free upgrade to users of version 4.0.

pmG Worldwide, LLC ( is based in the USA and produces high quality production level CG Software, with multiple industry awards for its messiah line of products since 1999. pmG's software has been used for commercials, music videos, games and film's such as Xmen, Jimmy Neutron, The Tripplets of Belleville, Ghost Rider, Harry Potter and Syriana.

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