Punchers Impact and Firefly bank on Trinigy

New customer, Punchers Impact, and existing customer Firefly Studios turn to the Vision Engine for their new game development projects

Eningen, Germany / Austin, TX – March 9, 2010 – Trinigy, an industry leading 3D game engine provider with over 125 licensees and offices in Germany and Austin, TX, announced today that it has signed a multi-platform deal with game publisher Mindscape to use the Vision Engine for its upcoming action/fighting title, which is being developed by Mindscape’s recently launched development studio Punchers Impact. An existing customer – Firefly Studios – has also re-signed with Trinigy to use the Vision Engine on their upcoming title.

Mindscape launched Punchers Impact in 2nd semester 2009. The new studio, which consists of veteran developers from EA, Ubisoft, A2M and UK’s Free Radical Design, is focused on digital download projects for the Xbox360™, PLAYSTATION®3 and PC platforms. Punchers Impact will be using the Vision Engine to speed the development of its upcoming action/fighting game, which will be distributed via PSN and XBLA.

In addition, Trinigy has also re-signed with Firefly Studios, which has used the Vision Engine on prior game development projects. Firefly Studios is best known for its award-winning medieval Stronghold franchise – a franchise that has sold over five million copies to date. Firefly will be using the Vision Engine for an upcoming real-time strategy title that is currently in development.

“We decided on the Vision Engine because of its high performance cross-platform graphics abilities and its flexible engine architecture,” said Guillaume Descamps, studio director and executive producer at Punchers Impact. “Plus, the support we’ve already received from Trinigy has been superb.”

“What sets Trinigy apart is the company’s versatile technology and its incredibly responsive customer service,” said Simon Bradbury, CEO of Firefly Studios. “The Vision Engine gives us all the power and flexibility we need to quickly realize our ideas in-game. If we have questions, we know we’ll get answers quickly, whether we find those on Trinigy’s extensive Developer’s Site or by speaking with one of Trinigy’s competent technical personnel.”

“We are extremely honored to have these two well-respected studios purchase our Vision Engine for two very different game projects, and to see that one of those companies is a long-time customer of ours,” said Richard Radmacher, Director at International Sales at Trinigy. “Trinigy has worked hard to provide its customers with versatile technology and incredible customer service. These new projects are meaningful reminders of how important that effort is to our business.”

For more information on Trinigy and its recently announced Vision Engine 8, visit: www.trinigy.net.


About Trinigy

Based in Southern Germany and Austin, TX, Trinigy is a privately owned company committed to providing groundbreaking game engine technology and first-class support to video game and serious game development studios across the globe. Engineered to provide more creative and technical freedom, the company’s Vision Engine is currently in use in more than 125 commercial game productions by well-known companies such as Ubisoft, Take 2, Dreamcatcher, NeoWiz, Mindscape, Spellbound, TimeGate Studios, Robot Entertainment, Nitro Games and more.

The Vision Engine has proven its versatility in a multitude of game genres, including real-time strategy, racing, first-person shooters, role-playing games and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. It is available and optimized for performance on PC (DX9, DX10, DX11), Xbox360™, PLAYSTATION®3, Nintendo Wii™, XBLA™, PSN™, WiiWare™ and now, most browsers.

For more information about Trinigy, its Vision Engine or its technology partners, please visit: www.trinigy.net.


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