Online marketplace dedicated to independent game developers

Cubevisions Software recently announced the public beta of Indie Game Market, an online marketplace dedicated to indie game developers. At the marketplace, people can buy and sell 3D models, textures, sound effects, music, source-code and even tutorials. With a large library of great 3D models and great support from the Unity 3D community, Indie Game Market seems to be a very promising startup.

Instead of relying on a per-product payment processing or cart system, which is terrible for micro-transactions, the marketplace has a pre-paid credits system. Authors can submit their products easily, and they don't need to worry about fees, since the marketplace only charges a commission of 10%.

Indie Game Market is currently under public beta and invites everyone to join and help the service grow. There is a Development Blog available so everyone can stay tuned to the latest information, as well hear some tips about buying and selling at the marketplace.


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