Amplify Texture 2: Dev Build 2

Hello everyone, we are very happy to announce that the second Amplify Texture 2 development build is available to all early adopters. Dev Build 2 introduces new amazing functionalities and improvements, we are getting very close to a production ready version and on track to release before June.

Amplify Texture 2 changelog:

  • Multi-VT support; Up to 16 simultaneous Virtual Textures per-scene (max 64 Terapixel)
  • Dramatic runtime memory footprint reduction; RAM footprint no longer depends on VT size
  • Introduced Virtual Texture Hardware Level property
  • Added new Cache Sizes for High and Ultra HW Level modes; 1024MB_16K and 2048MB_16K
  • Improved runtime performance inside the editor

You can view the full change log in our Download Page.

We are also happy to announce one of our excellent partners; Nurulize Inc, co-founded by industry veteran; Scott Metzger, on a path to revolutionize their field of work.

Watch Scott’s presentation given in the latest GTC and get a sneak peek of what is going on with the usage of Amplify Texture 2, more to come soon.

Click to view;Building Photo-Real Virtual Reality from Real Reality, Byte by Byte

Their website will be updated soon; stay tuned Nurulize Inc.

Product Page - Amplify Texture 2

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