KGE 0.1.0 Released

Kochol Game Engine 0.1.0 released. The new features in this version

OpenGL render plugin added.
    This version has OpenGL renderer plugin that uses CG shaders for shader language. So many parts of engine can now be rendered with OpenGL. The Renderer interface refactored a lot in this version to support OpenGL renderer. 
Task manager
    Task manager implemented in this version to add multithreading  functionality to engine.
Entity system
    A component base and multithreaded entity system implemented in this version that can handle game logics easily.
File system
    The new file system design can virtually load files from internet, archives or any where


The complete changes are:

 Add EntitySystem tool
Add 08EntitySystem tutorial
Upgraded from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.0
Add mouse wheel event listener
Add LoaderDDS for loading DDS textures with this loader
Add Stream class for streaming data from varius locations
Add FileSystem and FileSystemManager for serching a file in different locations.
Add Renderer_ogl plugin
Refactor the Renderer class
Remove some gui classes
Add CG shaders to opengl renderer plugin
Add KgeThread
Add KgeMutex
Add TaskManager
Add TaskManagerThread
Add Task interface
Add TaskGroup
Update CPU class
Update Timer class to work with SDL
Add TSQueue a Tread Safe Queue
Add KgeLock to make use of KgeMutex easier

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