Lightsprint SDK 2010 Released, New Licensee

Lightsprint released Lightsprint SDK 2010, realtime and offline global illumination solution for games and 3d visualizations. New version brings

* out of the box support for 3 game engines and 60 file formats
* faster and higher quality renderer
* realtime scene manipulation
* simplified integration
* samples doing more in up to 5x fewer lines of code.

Lightsprint is also pleased to announce new Lightsprint SDK licensee, French game studio VectorCell.

Lightsprint SDK illuminates games based on Gamebryo 2.x and 3.x, Unreal Engine 3 and other engines, and also non-game visualizations. It renders global illumination in real-time, or bakes it into lightmaps, radiosity normal maps or ambient occlusion.


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