Gamestudio free version 7.82

Gamestudio is the first all-in-the-box game development system, not only for games but for all sorts of multimedia applications. The current A7 version offers three levels of access in one single package:

* Beginner: Click together games or prototypes from pre-assembled game templates. A simple action game can be built in a few hours this way.

* Advanced: Use our tutorial workshops to learn programming, and create commercial quality applications with Atari's lite-C programming language. Use the included level and model editors to create the artwork for your game.

* Professional: Include Gamestudio's A7 engine into your software using the Source Development Kit and your preferred language like C++, C#, or Delphi. Use Gamestudio's straightforward art pipeline based on the FBX format for creating your levels and models with high-end editors such as MAX™ or MAYA™.

The new version 7.82 contains a brand new game editor (GED), endless terrain and vegetation functions, functions for remote controlling external programs, new angle/matrix/quaternion functions, an improved radiosity lightmapper, WiiMote® support, socket communication, and many new and improved engine functions. Version 7.82 is available as a free update at


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