Mo'Minis Launches New Studio Release and Extends GameCast#2 Contest

Mo’Minis unveils the new timeline for GameCast #2 enabling the developers to take full advantage of Mo’Minis Studio latest upgrades.

No more sneak peeks – this is it. The new version of Mo'Minis Studio has been officially released on January 7. This version introduces new features designed to help developers create an enhanced gaming experience, such as persistent storage, improved sound support and compatibility analysis tools.
Additional details and release notes are available here.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the new Mo'Minis Studio release is the 'Get 2 Mobile' feature. Rather than testing a game on the simulator, this feature enables developers to get their game up and running on their personal mobile phone and to experience the game's true look and feel first hand.
Mo'Minis Studio supports a wide and ever-growing range of mobile devices. The 'Get 2 Mobile' feature will be enabled by the first week of February.

Participation in our current GameCast#2 contest is even beyond our own expectations. Due to multiple requests from game developers, we have extended the timelines to let you go all out in the creation process.
We can't wait to start seeing your rough cuts on January 12.

More good news - we are close to completing work on several new distribution channels and deals - stay tuned for coming announcements.

About Mo'Minis

Mo'Minis has created a revolutionary solution for the fast creation, porting and publishing of mobile games and entertainment applications. The Mo'Minis Studio allows the development of games from scratch without any programming knowledge. Mo'Minis worldwide developers' community uses the platform to create innovative content, which is monetized through Mo'Minis solid distribution network. For more information, please visit


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