Colony Capture - Teaching Games Through Doing

Hello everyone! There are a lot of people out there with brilliant ideas for games, but haven’t the faintest idea on how to get started to make them a reality. It doesn’t help that there aren’t very many well-documented games out there either. We at CWS Software want to see more game developers and have recently launched on Kickstarter an interesting project to help make that happen. This project consists of two important components:

The first component is a fun puzzle game called Colony Capture, in which two players take turns trying to capture as much territory as possible on a hexagonal grid by placing a variety of bee units with unique abilities. The game will be cross-platform, which is made feasible by the Unity game engine. It will also be open-source, which means the original source code and assets will be made freely available and may be redistributed or modified.

The second component of this project is the documentation of the development process in the form of articles, audio recordings, and video tutorials. We are hoping that this documentation, coupled with the open-source aspect, will make Colony Capture a great case study to teach people about game development so that they may eventually create their own great games.

If you find all this intriguing, please check out our project in the above link. Thank you for your time!

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