Mo Ritmo, a Rhythm Game, free to play on Kongregate!

Hello all! I’m Bideo Wego

Bideo Wego

I’m pretty stoked to announce my first game release on Kongregate. I only uploaded it a week ago.

Mo Ritmo is a rhythm game for flash player and is completely 100% original and my creation from the art work, music, to the programming. I wrote it in As3 using the flixel framework. And the music was created using FL Studio for those wondering.

I’ve left it completely open to add levels/songs as it downloads them dynamically as well. So the game is expandable even while it is being played in its current state!

If you are a trance/electronic/pumping beat music driven rhythm game lover. Go ahead check it out!

Mo Ritmo game screen snapshot.

Play Mo Ritmo on Kongregate for free!

Feel free to check out the promo too

Watch the YouTube promo video for Mo Ritmo

Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to post comments, would love feedback! And check out my website in the description link of the play page!

Bideo Wego

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