Screen and asset image scaling for games

Handling asset sizes on multiple devices is increasingly becoming an issue with the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices. This is especially true on Android, where you have to expect your game to run on devices you never knew even existed. The typical approach I see taken is to provide different sets of textures for each supported resolution, and then choose the appropriate set at runtime. However, this approach doesn’t scale that well on mobile/tablet devices, since the number of possible resolutions is increasingly growing. Also, this negatively impacts the size of the game in terms of space. In one game I developed with a friend, we took the approach of using one set of high-resolution textures and then running a one-time pre-processor that dynamically generates texture sizes appropriate for the device the game is running on. Similar to what the author suggests, I observed the Lanczos filter had the best results. Although this slowed the initial load time of the game during the first run, it greatly simplified the development effort and allowed us to support virtually any device resolution.

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