Visual3D Game Engine Beta 6.3 Released!

Realmware is pleased to announce the release of Visual3D Game Engine Beta 6.3. Come download the 30-day free trial, and see it for yourself. Visual3D provides an amazing All-in-One Game Engine and Tool set, and has been made available for those with a low budget! Built to please both programmers and artists alike!

We are running a December-only half-price promotional deal for both Indy and Professional licenses. If you buy now, you will save big.

Do you like to program games in pure .NET/C# using Visual Studio, with all of it's productivity including Edit-and-Continue, out of box?? Well look no further! Visual3D is the answer for you.

Are you an artist or level designer who wants a powerful easy-to-use editor for scenes, models, and materials? Well look not further! Visual3D is the answer for you.

Come try out the Built-in Model Editor, Material Editor, Particle Editor, Entity Editor, Terrain Editor, and Physics! All edits can be done In-Game, and even debugged run-time with Visual Studio out-of-box, if you choose.

Come see us today, and become a part of our growing community! :)

Get it Now, here.

We have loads of videos and screenshots for you to look at, before you do the download. We even have a tutorial for "how to download and install Visual3D" ... we're going to hold your hand through the tough parts. Come and see.
Getting Started with Visual3D - Video.

We hope to see you soon!

Screenshot from Beta 6.1 shown here:


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