New Royalty Free Music Library with over 100 tracks for your game!

Hey fellow gamers/devs,

I’m an avid gamer, and professionally a musician/composer. I recently uploaded over 100 royalty free music tracks for any and all to use in a game, video, or however you see fit. Stylistically they run the gamut from orchestral cinematic to pop/rock to jazz and more. My library can be found here:

If you find the library useful, please spread the word! I’m also constantly looking for new and exciting composition opportunities in the game/video world. If you’re interested in working on a new, original project, please PM me and I’d be happy to discuss it.

Gamewise, some of my music can be found in Caine’s Oculus Rift WIP “Tales From The Rift” (formerly “Horror”), and I am also currently working on an untitled Rift game with some AAA devs.

Here are a few video examples of some ‘Cinematic’ tracks put to video game trailers from the Uncharted, Batman & Battlefield series:

Thanks all and enjoy the free music!!

Steve Lu

Click here to visit link ()


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