Evolver Announces Strategic Partnership with Emergent Game Technologies

3D Character Models from Evolver.com Supported in Emergent’s Gamebryo® LightSpeed™ Game Engine

Evolver, developer of the easy-to-use web interface for building and customizing 3D character models and avatars, has announced a strategic partnership with Emergent Game Technologies to provide support for the integration of Evolver models into Emergent’s cutting-edge game development system, Gamebryo® LightSpeed™.

“The game development world is changing quickly thanks to visionary products like LightSpeed. Evolver is excited about the opportunity to deliver customizable and unique characters in a format compatible with this powerful game engine,” said Evolver CEO, Brian Nilles. “Our partnership with Emergent provides LightSpeed developers with an easy way to integrate custom 3D characters into their latest projects at a fraction of the production time, effort and costs of traditional modeling and rigging methods.”

“Emergent has shown a commitment to partnering with the most innovative companies to continually advance the tools and processes involved in game development, and Evolver is a great addition to our growing roster of partners,” said Katie Morgan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Emergent Game Technologies. “The integration of Evolver models into the Gamebryo LightSpeed platform will allow developers to produce visually stunning results more quickly, easily and cost effectively.”

Evolver’s web-based application offers professionals and consumers an intuitive tool to design and customize unique 3D models in a matter of minutes. Drawing from an expansive collection of facial and body characteristics available on the Evolver website, or a photograph, users can create an avatar that is animation ready and fully exportable. Professional characters can also be purchased royalty free for a low price point of $39 - or $69 with 77 blendshapes ready for facial animation.

Evolver also offers a “white label” version for developers who wish to make Evolver their own 3D character generator available to their audience. Users create and customize their models in a custom branded version of Evolver, and then they are delivered completely automatically using a server-to-server delivery system.

Developed by Emergent, LightSpeed is a multiplatform game engine with an extensive set of features including rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and real-time updates. For more information about Emergent Game Technologies and LightSpeed, please visit www.emergent.net.

About Evolver
Evolver is the flagship product of Darwin Dimensions Inc., the first solution to bring together complex 3D modeling, consumer ease of use, and fully interoperable avatars. Evolver provides a central portal to design, manage and transport digital avatars that can be deployed in virtual worlds, online games, social networks and professional animation and pre-visualization projects. For more information visit www.evolver.com or contact (949) 330-6345.

About Emergent Game Technologies
Best known for its industry-leading 3D game engines, Gamebryo and Gamebryo LightSpeed, Emergent's technologies have been selected by studios around the globe to bring nearly 300 titles across more than 15 genres to market, including Game of the Year award-winning titles like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as critically acclaimed titles like Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Civilization Revolution and Bully. Emergent is driving "The New Face of AAA," allowing studios to focus on innovative gameplay by enabling rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and rapid production with real-time on-target updates for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system, Wii and PC. As part of the international development community, Emergent provides world class support and technologies evolved from deep relationships with its developer partners.

Emergent is headquartered in Calabasas, California, and has offices in Chapel Hill, NC; London; Tokyo; China and Korea. To learn more, please visit www.emergent.net

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