Space Toads game goes live

Hi everyone,

enter image description here

Finally, I completed my arcade shooter for Google Chrome.

Chuffed to bits I went through the whole process despite all the odds, lack of time etc.

I had a thread on the forum here somewhere, but since Devmaster just went new (like so far, looks fresh:), I’m starting a new one too.

Some important updates since previous version include:

  • a proper GUI, colour work / styling - the website transforms itself into the game effectively
  • revamped particle / explosion effects
  • new, epic soundtrack; new sounds
  • 2 new weapons you can pick up (finally some powerups!)
  • last but not least: hi-score table. You can finally keep track of your best score, and try to beat others - to do this you need to sign in with Twitter though


Hope you like,

As always, I welcome feedback

I consider the game complete for what it’s supposed to be, I will maintain it and fix if someone finds anything critical though.

It was a nice warmup before my next game. Yep, there is more coming:)

Click here to visit link (


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.