Magic Particles 1.72

New features of the editor:
1) Work with animate folders was improved:
a) User's icon was added.
b) It is possible to insert the same types of a background, as on the usual emitter.
c) Now it is possible to move animated folders on a scene and to scale them.
d) Export of animated folders was improved.
2) Functional properties of diagrams were improved:
a) New fields were added on the diagrams that allows to edit constant values without maximizing diagram.
b) The height of the diagram in a normal state can be stretched now by the mouse.
3) Now it is possible to export uncompressed video with the alpha channel.
4) The button was added for deleting all textures from particle type.
5) Field “Delete trembling (new particles are frozen for a short time)" was added.
6) The program uses the CPU more economically now.
7) The updating mechanism through the Internet was improved and possibility to get news was added.
8) Work with diagrams was altered completely - now red and grey diagrams are united (it is possible to disconnect this through program options).
9) By the right button on the diagram the pop-up menu opens (if there is a short click) . A part of buttons was transferred to this menu. United diagrams are possible to locate horizontally or vertically.
10) Now there is a factor for curves in program options which influences the strength of curvature.
11) Min/max dialogue was deleted. Now this field varies directly on diagrams. Sorting of particles is transferred on the diagram "Opacity".
12) The base set of special effects was expanded.
13) Texture storage was improved.
14) Now you can see the form of emitter on the scene visually. You can enable/disable this feature with "F9" button.
15) Now it is possible to reduce/increase the height of the scene due to the settings window under the scene.

Magic Particles (Dev):
1) Version library for PowerPC was added.


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