Mo'Minis Launches New Contest for Mobile Game Creators

Mo'Minis Launches New Contest for Mobile Game Creators

Contest Offers Lucrative Prizes and Worldwide Exposure for Coolest Games Developed Using Mo'Minis Studio Tel Aviv, 11/11, 2009 – Following the success of its first contest earlier this year, Mo'Minis today announced that the second mobile game creation contest in its GameCast series which is now open for registration. The contest, sponsored by orange™ Israel, challenges both veteran and seasoned developers to build the world's next blockbuster game or app using the revolutionary Mo'Minis Studio platform.

In the Mo'Minis GameCast#2 contest, participants are asked to create and submit a series of 2-3 gimmicks or games, sharing one original, fun, or entertaining idea. Projects may include brain exercisers, teaching tools, mind readers etcetera.

The contest awards cash and gift prizes in total value of over $11,000 for the top 20 developers. The top ten finalists will be given an added incentive in the form of 100$ cash to further develop their game before competing in the final round. The top three developers will receive major cash prizes. In addition to the spoils of competition the winners gain the opportunity to capitalize on the revenue of the game distribution and enjoy world wide exposure in major websites, blogs and Mo'Minis' various business collaborations. Timelines, prizes and registration details can be found here.

With Mo'Minis Studio, all you need to create original, high-quality games from scratch is a fruitful imagination and/or an offbeat sense of humor. Ease of use is a cardinal aspect of the studio, therefore eliminating the need for dedicated mobile technical knowledge or programming experience. In addition, all games created with Mo’Minis Studio are automatically ported to a wide range of mobile handsets. Keeping the for mentioned in mind Mo’Minis enables anyone to engage in mobile game development swiftly and easily.

Mo'Minis offers its users a growing worldwide distribution network consisting of Internet portals, app stores, mobile operators and game publishers. Moreover, Mo'Minis is now in the midst of implementing a new model of self promotion complete with a comprehensive suite of technical tools, via which independent developers will have the option to promote their own content.

"Based on the impressive results of our first GameCast contest and the rapidly growing volume of games being developed with Mo'Minis Studio, we expect high levels of participation and creativity," said Eyal Rabinovich, VP Community & Content at Mo'Minis. "These types of contests demonstrate the unbelievable talent of our users, as well as showcasing the ease-of-use and flexibility of our Mo'Minis Studio platform."

About Mo'Minis Mo'Minis has created a revolutionary solution for the fast creation, porting and publishing of mobile games and entertainment applications. The Mo'Minis Studio allows the development of games from scratch without any programming knowledge. Mo'Minis worldwide developers' community uses the platform to create innovative content, which is monetized through Mo'Minis solid distribution network. For more information, please visit


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