Heresy War Trailer Now Available at Pinnacle College Site

Pinnacle College and indie game developer Dream Builder Studios have teamed up to offer budding video game audio professionals unprecedented access to the Heresy War game in development. To kick off the partnership, Pinnacle College hosts the premiere of Dream Builder Studios’ new cinematic trailer for the upcoming combat space simulator, Heresy War. The trailer can be seen at:

“Our goal has been to design the world’s best video game audio program – one that will effectively and quickly train gamers to make games, not just play them,” said Eitan Teomi, director of the Audio for Games and Interactive Media (GAIM) program, Pinnacle College. “The partnership with Dream Builder Studios is certain to catapult our students to a high level of proficiency. They will get great, hands-on experience by having full access to real-world game audio assets and game engine.”

Developed by Dream Builder Studios, Heresy War is a combat space simulator set in a future where humanity has reborn from the ashes after a catastrophic world war. The PC game puts the player in the cockpit of the most technologically advanced fighters in the human military fleet as he witnesses the start of a civil war. In Heresy War, the player will be faced with various missions, ranging from stealth runs or combat patrols to huge carrier battles of epic proportions, all these across a branching single player campaign. The branching campaign creates a single-player experience that is different every time the game is played. Recently Heresy War was named a finalist in the 2Bee Indie Game Competition 2009.

The news comes on the heels of a recent announcement from Pinnacle College that unveiled details of the nation’s first accredited degree in video game audio. In the 16-month Occupational Associate Degree program, students learn all aspects of creating and managing sound for interactive media, including music composition, sound design, dialog recording, audio asset management, and sound mixing.

Pinnacle College assembled top names in the video game industry to guide the new video game sound program, including: Alexander Brandon (Heatwave), Ken Felton (SCEA), Paul Lipson (G.A.N.G.), Lennie Moore (Composer, Pinnacle Advisory Board Chairman), Victor Rodriguez (THQ), Tommy Tallarico (Video Games Live, G.A.N.G.), and Don Veca (EA).

About Dream Builder Studios
Founded in 2007 by game industry veterans, Dream Builder Studios is committed to delivering fun and engaging experiences through its products. The team members’ previous projects span across numerous PC, console (Sony PS2 and PS3, Nintendo Gamecube, Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360) and handheld device (Sony PSP, Apple iPhone) titles. This gives the company a unique edge when developing games and software. Dream Builders Studios uses the most advanced technologies to optimize the relation between gamers’ and publishers’ requirements and performance. More information can be found at: and

About Pinnacle College
Pinnacle College, formerly Sound Master Recording Engineer School, is a premier vocational school offering accredited certification in Audio Recording and accredited Occupational Associate Degree in Audio for Games and Interactive Media. Established in 1972, Pinnacle College has two California campuses: one in greater Los Angeles offering both programs and one in Sacramento focused on audio recording. Pinnacle College is accredited through Accrediting Council for Continuing Education (ACCET), a nationally recognized agency. For more information, please visit: or call 1.877.206.6206.

Screen shots from the trailer can be found at: Additional images are available in the Pinnacle College press room.

Pinnacle Contact:
Eitan Teomi, Director of the GAIM Program, Pinnacle College; 626.284.0050


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