Mobile Sorcery develops MoSync SDK for Moblin v2 project

Mobile Sorcery develops MoSync SDK for Moblin v2 project

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Swedish Software Company Mobile Sorcery announced it will increase its efforts around Moblin, an optimized open source Linux operating system project optimized for Intel® Atom™ processor-based mobile devices, and is now in the process of porting the MoSync SDK to Moblin v2. MoSync is a cross-platform (Windows-based) development system for mobile devices, allowing users to develop and deploy applications for Moblin technology and many other platforms from a single code source, thereby radically cutting development cost and time to market.

MoSync optimized for Moblin v2 opens up application development for new, larger groups of developers. They can now far easier and more efficiently create applications using the PC as the development platform for Moblin-based netbooks, mobile internet devices (MIDs), and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

"We believe that open source will change the way software is produced and used in the mobile world", said Mobile Sorcery co-founder Henrik von Schoultz. "Therefore, to team up with Intel in making Moblin v2 technology an important target platform made perfect sense to us as Moblin technology and Intel Atom processor platforms will address such a broad set of products."

"Everyone can see an explosion of new devices with a multitude of features on the market. We invested in Mobile Sorcery because we saw a need for tools suitable for developing across various platforms", according to investor and MySQL founder David Axmark. "It's high time that someone simplifies developing for many devices. Making the tools OpenSource using a Dual Licensing approach will allow everyone to use them.

"Customer adoption in the netbook and mobile space has grown rapidly," said Imad Sousou, director, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Corporation. "Access to development tools, like Mobile Sorcery's MoSync SDK, that are easy to use is extremely important in speeding up and lowering the cost for bringing new applications to the market segment. These tools combined with the advanced capabilities of Moblin technology help deliver a very compelling user experience on Intel® Atom™ processor based mobile devices."

Mobile Sorcery
Mobile Sorcery vision is to make it easy, fast and cost efficient to develop mobile applications over a broad range of devices and platforms. Our goal is to enable developers to spend the majority of their time and effort to develop the actual applications, rather than on adapting to various target devices. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden and has representation in Singapore

About Moblin
Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Moblin is an optimized open source Linux operating system project that delivers visually rich Internet and media experiences on Intel® Atom™ Processor-based devices including MIDs, netbooks/nettops, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and embedded systems. More information can be found at

Open Ocean
Open Ocean is a venture capital company investing into disruptive technology start ups and helping them to success. Open Ocean was the first major investor in the open source database company MySQL AB, which was sold to Sun Microsystems for 1 B USD in 2008. Open Ocean is backed by the MySQL AB Founder Michael "Monty" Widenius.

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