DX Studio Source Code Now Available

UK based software developers, Worldweaver Ltd, have just announced that full source code access is to be made available for their 3D platform DX Studio.

Access to the source is packaged under the new DX Studio Corporate License and is available via a "Git Repository". The repository allows distributed source control, branching and merging new changes as needed.

Corporate licenses will cost GBP 50k and include unlimited copies of DX Studio Pro Edition for use by the individual company and one year of source and binary updates to the latest edition. After one year companies can then choose to continue with updates or stick with what they have.

“The new Corporate Site License has primarily been launched in response to a growing demand from existing clients wishing to customize or tweak the engine, port to other platforms, and implement custom security. We also believe that full access to the source code opens up DX Studio’s potential to a number of new gaming and simulation customers,” said CEO and founder Chris Sterling.

Further information about corporate licensing can be found by contacting the support team at Worldweaver.


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