The Hunt, the new ShiVa 3D technical demo is now available

The Hunt, the new ShiVa 3D technical demo is now available : play a survival horror FPS with advanced animation and physics, depth-of-field, motion-blur, ranking...

The next release of ShiVa Editor 1.8 will be soon in beta stage but the ShiVa Engine is already available and comes with new features, bug fixes, optimizations and new cross-browser web plugin.
The Hunt shows some of the features that will be available in ShiVa 1.8.

ShiVa is a 3D realtime global solution, designed for architecture, media and entertainment purposes, a next gen 3D game engine with a graphical editor to create Web 3D applications and AAA games.

The 1.8 release implements, among other things, next features :
-advanced post rendering effects such as depth of field, deformation, motion blur
-real time shadowing system using the cascaded shadow maps algorithm
- ocean management with advanced shading system
- dynamic textures allowing direct access to the texture
- streaming
- Voice Over IP
- DWF Import
- ShiVa Server embedded in Player

Official website:
New features:
The Hunt:


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