Graphic Remedy Boosts iPhone Graphic Apps with gDEBugger iPhone

August 3, 2009 - New Orleans, SIGGRAPH 2009 - Graphic Remedy, a leading provider of advanced solutions for 3D-graphics developers, today announced gDEBugger iPhone release. gDEBugger iPhone allows OpenGL ES® based application developers to deliver more-complex 3D-graphics apps and significantly improve rendering performance. gDEBugger iPhone offers advanced debugging and profiling capabilities that reduce development time and accelerate time to market (for more information and a free trial, visit:

Graphic Remedy's solutions are designed to assist developers create more sophisticated graphics and animation over various platforms and devices. gDEBugger product line is the leading real-time OpenGL® and OpenGL ES® debugger, profiler and graphics memory analyzer. gDEBugger solutions are available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and now for iPhone.

gDEBugger iPhone traces the application's activity on top of OpenGL ES API and enables programmers to see what is happening within the graphic system implementation, identify bugs and optimize the applications' rendering performance. The new solution will allow developers to maximize utilization of the available iPhone graphic resources and enable them to deliver even better games and applications on this platform.
The gDEBugger iPhone fully supports OpenGL ES® 1.1 and 2.0, enabling developers to:
* Locate graphic pipeline performance bottlenecks
* Locate time-consuming/unrecommended function calls and redundant state changes
* Edit and continue GLESSL shaders (OpenGL ES 2.0 shading language)
* Track OpenGL ES errors and automatically suspend the application run when errors occur
* View app graphics memory consumption, track graphics memory allocated objects and graphics memory leak
* View app allocated texture, static buffers, framebuffer objects and pbuffers data as an image or as "raw data" arrays
* And more...

The new product has been tested by over 200 developers worldwide who participated in the company's gDEBugger iPhone Beta program. User responses have been highly enthusiastic and complimentary.
"gDEBugger iPhone is, for us, an indispensable development tool", states Stephen Northcott, Founder and CEO of Ginetix Consulting and a long-time developer of Mac and iPhone applications. "Developing for the iPhone and OpenGL ES presents even more of a "black box" than normal OpenGL implementations. Moreover, efficient asset management is essential on low memory devices. The ability to view assets such as shaders, textures and buffer objects in minute detail, at any point in a programs execution, and comprehensively profile OpenGL / GLES code, as well as edit and test GLES2.0 shaders 'on the fly', literally doubled or even tripled our productivity and problem solving capabilities."

Northcott and his team have been active participants in gDEBugger iPhone beta program since June. "We developed one full iPhone app prior to utilizing gDEBugger and were able to increase the efficiency of our graphics engine by over 30% in only 2 days once we deployed gDEBugger iPhone", he testifies. "On current projects, we have been able to achieve amazing optimizations in stunningly short development periods thanks solely to gDEBugger's comprehensive feature set. Quite simply, we recommend it to all OpenGL and GLES developers as a must have tool."

When asked to elaborate how efficiency increased, Northcott explains: "We gained 5 or 6 FPS on the iPhone, which took our application up to just over 20 FPS. That's a threshold point, where touch and acceleration controls seem properly responsive to the player, offering the freedom to add some more quality to the visuals."

Meet us at SIGGRAPH 2009!
We'll be at NVDIA's Developers Tool Pod, booth #2101, at 9am - 12pm daily.
Come see gDEBugger's new exiting feature and chat with our development team.

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About Graphic Remedy Ltd.

Graphic Remedy is a leading provider of advanced development tools for the 3D graphics industry. The company's innovative products make professional OpenGL® and OpenGL ES® programming faster and easier, saving programmers' time and money. The company's solutions are successfully deployed by leading companies in various fields.

Graphic Remedy is an active contributor in the OpenGL ARB and a member of the Khronos Group. The company is working closely with many hardware and software partners to deliver the best solution for the 3D graphics developers' community.

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