gDEBugger new version release includes public beta release of gDEBugger iPhone

Graphic Remedy is proud to announce the release of gDEBugger Version 5.2 for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and Linux.

The new version adds a new Vertex Batch Statistics view to the gDEBugger Statistics viewer. OpenGL draw function calls are grouped by the number of vertices they push into the graphic pipeline, allowing the user to view and improve the ratio between API calls made and vertices drawn.

In addition, the new release introduces OpenGL primitive performance counters, displaying the total number of render primitives and vertices drawn per frame, as well as a breakdown to the specific primitive types (points, lines and triangles).

Version 5.2 also includes a public beta release of gDEBugger iPhone. gDEBugger iPhone runs on top of Apple's iPhone Simulator, enabling developers to debug and optimize iPhone OpenGL ES-based applications within their primary work environment. More information about gDEBugger iPhone is available at

gDEBugger product line is the leading real-time OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger, performance analyzer and graphic memory analyzer. gDEBugger traces the application’s activity on top of OpenGL API and enables programmers to see what is happening within the graphic system implementation to find bugs and optimize applications’ render performance.


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