Serious Game/VR : DS Improve virtually reconstructs Brussels' cultural heritage

DS Improve SA has reconstructed in high-quality real-time 3D the
touristic Sablon area in Brussels (Belgium/Europe), known for its old
antique dealers, luxury chocolate shops and restaurants.

We can fly around the "Notre-Dame des Victoires" church (a gothic
church from the XVth century) and navigate in front of typical ancient

The virtual reconstruction of the area in 3D was based on urban plans
and aerial pictures. Precise measurements and high-definition textures
were gathered on-site. The task was not easy because this is a
popular touristic area with a lot of people walking around during the
day. Also a part of the church was under renovation at the time.

The reconstructed area was optimized for HD and FullHD real-time
performance without precalculation on current high-end 3D graphics
(NVidia GTX2xx & ATI 48xx) with advanced screen space effects enabled
(dynamic ambient occlusion, indirect lighting, dynamic soft shadows,
high dynamic range, volumetric lights, image based lighting).

The custom visualization engine was developed by the DS Improve R&D
team and is compatible with multi-screens, stereoscopy and assorted
control devices (mouse, analog pad, wiimote, ...).

For more information, you can find still images and video capture here:


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