Genetica 3.5 Revealed

Spiral Graphics Inc. has revealed Genetica 3.5, a stunning new version of its flagship seamless texture, animation, and HDRI environment map editor. The new version can be preordered for a 25% discount.

Genetica 3.5 adds texture synthesis to its arsenal of features. This technology, which creates seamless textures from photographic sources, allows artists to achieve photorealistic results easily, while still affording them a vast range of creative options for controlling the texture generation process. The entire process is nondestructive, allowing artists to tweak any past decision and see the result in seconds.

Also included is an integrated online library of over a thousand royalty-free texture photos. With subjects as far reaching as ancient mosaics, synthetic materials, architectural debris, and sea life, this collection will allow artists to get desired results even in situations where needed photos aren't otherwise available, all while avoiding the legal ramifications of borrowing material from the web.

Other new capabilities include texture bombing, and an innovative way to remove unwanted perspective and distortion from texture photos. The upgrade also introduces a reworked multi-core rendering engine that will bring significant speed improvements.

Genetica 3.5 is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2009. Additional information on the new version is available here.

Spiral Graphics Inc. is a software development firm focused on creating innovative software tools for the computer graphics community.


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